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Kathryn was born in the UK and now lives in Sydney, Australia. Originally trained as a social worker and counselor, Kathryn went on to teach personal development to people from around the world. Kathryn is available for private consultations, offering psychic readings and intuitive healings, helping you to gain insights into different aspects of your lives, from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective. 


Kathryn has been running courses for over 15 years, enabling people to gain confidence when starting to develop their intuition. Kathryn is passionate about travel and different cultures.  She has travelled extensively around the world visiting South America, Tibet, Nepal, South East Asia, USA, and South Africa.



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Louise Hinton

"Kathryn's gentle guidance and wise words ensure that all her students believe in themselves by the end of the session. She works wonders in a very short time and I can't recommend her highly enough. Great job keep up the good work!"


Lousie Hinton

Naomi Lewis, Actress 

"Receiving Reiki from Kathryn is absolute bliss. Her gentleness and caring manner reminds one there is good in the world." 


Naomi Lewis, Actress

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Liana John

"Such a beautiful and extraordinarily gifted/talented soul. I feel extremely blessed to have received a reading from Kathryn !!! I would highly recommend Kathryn to  literally anyone.

Liana John


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